Solar panels or photovoltaic cells are the component in a solar energy system that actually produces the electricity. These cells are made from a combination of special materials that include semiconductor materials, that when exposed to light generate electricity from the movement of electrons.

Over the last couple of decades the cost of producing the photovoltaic cells (PV's) has been dropping drastically. This now means that for people able to come up with the initial capital to install a solar solution, the whole excersise is now proving to be a cheaper alternative to getting electricity from your local electricity.

Reliable Power

With the introduction of load shedding in South Africa due to the challanges facing Eskom, people are looking for a more reliable source of electricity. Solar energy is perfectly suited to providing a family or business both temporary or permanent solutions to load shedding. In some cases the right solar installation can even produce excess amounts of electricity that may be sold back to Eskom allowing your solar installation to earn you money.